As a commercial kitchen owner, you know that having a healthy and clean environment is essential. Proper kitchen ventilation is critical to your ability to create that safe environment. Master Fire Systems in New York City offers a full range of restaurant kitchen ventilation and rooftop exhaust systems solutions.


Whether you are opening a new restaurant or customizing or upgrading an existing exhaust ventilation system, Master Fire Systems has decades of experience working with all different kinds of commercial kitchens. We can look at your architectural plans, and consult with you to design and build, inspect, test, maintain, and certify your New York City restaurant commercial kitchen exhaust ventilation system’s ductwork to make sure it is tight, accessible, and functioning with the correct amounts of make-up air.


Rooftop exhaust fans are a great solution to the problem of cooking odors and smells in your kitchen and are typically connected to your kitchen hood. They are available in the standard, Hood-Mount type, as well as the remote type fan, and can be custom fit and sized to properly ventilate even the largest commercial cooking operations. Remote fans can be located away from the hood, reducing sound levels while still providing proper ventilation, and can be installed on roofs, walls, or in attics to eliminate seeing an exterior fan.