K Class Fire Extinguisher Service NYC Restaurant Kitchen

The type(s) of material(s) fueling a fire dictates which type of fire extinguisher is required to extinguish it. For instance in a restaurant kitchen you’ll need to be concern with flash fires started by grease laden or food particulate matter.

While most people are familiar with an ABC fire extinguisher, it will not be much of a help in your commercial kitchen. While ABC fire extinguishers are good for putting out fires starting with burning wood, cloth, paper or plastic (Class A), burning liquids including gasoline (Class B) or electrical fires (Class C), the New York City restaurant owner will need Class K fire extinguishers on hand in order to deal with a fire in the kitchen. This is of course in addition to a fully automatic fire suppression system installed by Master Fire Prevention.

Cooking with high heat and vegetable oils can start a fire when grease or hot oils ignite. Accordingly, all restaurant kitchens are required by law to have at least one Class K fire extinguisher on hand. Restaurant owners from Manhattan to Brooklyn, The Bronx and Queens can choose from different types of Class K extinguishers. Some use potassium bicarbonate as the fire extinguishing agent. On the other hand, wet chemical extinguishers spray a fine mist of potassium acetate that forms a soapy foam to suppress vapors and steam so as to reduce the risk of fire re-flash as they dwindle in size.

Installing a Class K extinguisher in your restaurant is just the first step. Master Fire Prevention has been a leader in the New York City fire prevention and protection industry for 50 years. In order to remain in compliance with NFPA rules and regulations, restaurant owners must engage a licensed, certified and insured fire extinguisher services company for monthly, semi-annual and annual fire extinguisher inspection services. Call Master Fire at (718) 828-6424 if your restaurant is in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens or Staten Island, and requires K Class Fire Extinguisher Service.