When it comes to Suppression System Maintenance Repair Testing and Inspection Bronx Food Service Operators trust Master Fire Systems for the best in fire suppression systems service for their restaurants.

In these photos, a new owner took over an existing restaurant. And the first thing she did was call Master Fire to have the suppression system checked out.

In restaurant kitchens, when it comes to choosing the best piping for wet chemical fire suppression systems, stainless steel is often the top pick. These systems are crucial for keeping commercial kitchens safe from fires, especially around cooking appliances like stoves, grills, and fryers.

Why is stainless steel the preferred choice?

Corrosion Resistance: Stainless steel is excellent at resisting corrosion, which is crucial in a kitchen environment where pipes come into contact with water and potentially corrosive chemicals. It won’t rust or corrode over time, ensuring the system’s longevity.

Strength and Durability: Stainless steel pipes are strong and durable, able to handle the physical demands of a commercial kitchen without breaking or getting damaged.

Hygienic: Keeping a clean kitchen is essential, and stainless steel makes that easier. It’s easy to clean and doesn’t harbor bacteria or contaminants.

Temperature Resistant: Stainless steel can handle high temperatures, making it suitable for fire suppression systems designed for commercial cooking equipment.

Compatibility: Stainless steel is compatible with the wet chemical agents commonly used in kitchen fire suppression systems, like potassium acetate-based agents.

Remember, it’s crucial to consult with a licensed fire protection engineer or a professional who specializes in fire suppression system design and installation. They can assess your kitchen’s specific requirements and ensure that the chosen piping material and system design meet local building codes and regulations. Safety regulations can vary by location, so working with local experts is essential to keep your restaurant kitchen safe.

We are a FDNY S17 Code Compliant Company that directly employees manufacturer certified field technicians for Ansul, Buckeye, Range Guard, Pyrochem and (in this case) Kidde suppression systems.

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