If you are a New York City business owner, property manager or the landlord of a multi-unit residential dwelling, know that best in class fire sprinkler maintenance & repair service is just a call away. Why not have the confidence that your system will function when it is needed. Our full-service, fully equipped technicians are experts in the installation of fire protection systems. They are manufacturer trained and certified including with backflow prevention.

Fire Sprinkler Systems installation & maintenance in the New York City and tai-state area is the specialty of Master Fire Systems. Whether in Manhattan, The Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens or Staten Island, Master Fire understands that sprinkler systems are critical to preventing injury and property damage. If there is a single system that is most critical to the safety of your employees, and visitors to your building, it has to be an integrated fire alarm and sprinkler system.

Fire Sprinkler Systems are complex and require certified personnel to design, install, test, and maintain them. Master Fire only employs field technicians with the appropriate certifications and experience in fire sprinkler installation, modification, testing, maintenance and service, including NICET-certification in all aspects of sprinkler integration systems.

Our technicians undergo rigorous background checks and are trained in all aspects of water-based fire protection systems for New York City, and New York State. In fact, we are continually upgrading our certifications and training regimens to provide a higher level of competence and accountability for our clients – particularly with respect to inspection and testing.

Our fire sprinkler system services include the management of wet, dry, pre-action systems (for sensitive areas), deluge, fire pumps, pressure-reducing valves and foam systems. We service all types of fire sprinklers including pendant fire sprinklers, upright fire sprinklers, horizontal fire sprinklers and sidewall fire sprinklers by Globe, Viking, Tyco, Reliable, Victaulic and other brands.

We sell and install all types of commercial and residential including recessed fire sprinklers, chrome fire sprinklers, white fire sprinklers and standard brass fire sprinkler heads and systems.

We have been servicing wet and dry, foam, deluge, and pre-action systems for decades as well as fire pumps (diesel and electric). In fact, all our field techs have extensive training in all types of fire sprinkler protection, including wet systems, dry systems, double interlock pre–action systems, standpipes, diesel and electric powered fire pumps, hydrants and underground piping.


At Master Fire, we are firm believers in the old adage that a pound of prevention is worth a pound of cure. To that end, our back of the house team will will work with you to customize a maintenance program to fit your needs so as to avoid unnecessary service calls. Our inspection program is based on criteria set forth in NFPA-25, and we can also perform inspections to meet all insurance underwriter requirements.

At Master Fire seeing is believing. Visit our YOUTUBE.COM/FIREPROTECTIONNYC channel where you can see that when it comes to fire sprinkler testing, inspection, maintenance and repair, no one can compete with Master Fire.

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