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Master Fire Mechanical Complete Fire Protection Prevention Suppression Sprinkler Extinguisher Service Manhattan Brooklyn Bronx Queens Staten Island 2

Menu HOME ABOUT BLOG SERVICES S-17 TEAM CONTACT TESTIMONIALS MASTER FIRE SYSTEMS INSPECTIONS, TESTING, MAINTENANCE & REPAIR SINCE 1969 (917) 261-3710 When it comes to Fire Testing Inspection Maintenance Services Master Fire Systems is your one call does it all Complete Fire Protection Solutions Provider. Master Fire Systems NYC is…

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Fire Extinguisher Inspections and Recharging is fundamental to workplace safety. Master Fire Systems started by offering fire extinguisher services in The Bronx in 1969. Now, 50 years later, Master Fire is known for providing the best fire extinguisher service New York City has to offer. Portable fire extinguishers are critical…

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Master Fire Prevention Restaurant Fire Suppression System Semi-Annual Inspection NYC Manhattan Brooklyn Bronx Queens 2

ABOUT MASTER FIRE SYSTEMS NYC fire protection contractors Master Fire Systems has been providing inspection, testing, maintenance and repair services since 1969. Perhaps the most important aspect of fire protection is making sure businesses can remain open, and operate safely. Experienced Ansul & Kidde Fire Suppression Systems Service NYC. We’ve…

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Master Fire Systems 10lb ABC Fire Extinguishers NYC

10 lb ABC Fire Extinguisher NYC Master Fire Systems in the Bronx NY sells and services the 10 Lb ABC Fire Extinguishers (which are dry chemical) that your business is required to have by the exits, prep area, basement, seating area, exits, and the bar in your restaurant. We also…

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Master Fire Environmental Control Board Violation NYC Restaurant Fire Protection Manhattan Bronx Brooklyn Queens Staten Island 1

How does a restaurant get FDNY Fire Violations Removed in NYC? If you own or manage a Manhattan, Brooklyn or Bronx restaurant, and receive an FDNY Fire Violation you have 30 days to get it removed or risk further consequences. First of all, what is an FDNY Notice of Violation?…

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